I thought I was done…

Hey – it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been quiet because I thought I had nothing of any substance to write about. And then I realized it’s because I’m living a normal life again. Not that normal life isn’t exciting – but the twists and turns of a drama filled life is way more exciting. I’m enjoying the calm. Or at least calm patches 🙂
The truth of the matter is that our lives have been turned upside down since moving last summer. We are in the midst of house renovations, meeting new neighbours, figuring out where to buy groceries, and where to go to church. I’ve been looking for a job closer to our new home and was busy with fun stuff like going through major dental work and cataract surgery – both side effects of Arimidex (the drug I’m still taking to ensure I don’t have a cancer recurrence).
And since moving, we are testing old friendships to figure out who remains and who is loyal after leaving our church family of twenty+ years. You’d think cancer was a good test, eh? There are many who care and love you during a health battle in a church family – the politics are of no significance when life and death are on the line. But when you choose to leave and move out of the community, who sticks with you and continues to maintain communication? It’s been interesting and we love the people who have just been dropping in for coffee when they are in the neighbourhood. Consider that an invitation.
I thought my “author” days were over. Book sales have dwindled – my last royalty check from the publisher was $1.57! And I felt like my story wasn’t newsworthy or current anymore. My boxes of books sit on a shelf in the office collecting dust.
And then we took a trip to Cuba.
There were so many God opportunities at the resort where we stayed. So many times I was able to encourage others with my story and crumble walls and soften hearts. The reality of living life is so fresh and real when I get away from “normal” and realize what a gift I’ve been given – to not just enjoy life but meet people from all over the world. I can encourage others who have their own story – some are in a dark place because of relationships gone bad, or running away from tough situations and turning to a whole lot of alcohol (yes, this was an all-inclusive!) to ease their pain. When the walls come down, I can give them a shoulder to cry on and encouragement to keep going in their own life journey.
When we arrived home from our vacation last week, I got a phonecall and was asked to speak at an upcoming ladies spring tea. So I guess it isn’t quite done yet. I’m excited to be able to share my story – it’s been a while and I’ll certainly need to rewrite what I’ve been sharing in the past. Because God isn’t finished with me yet! He spoke to me loud and clear this past week when I went for my regular 6 month check up with my Breast Cancer surgeon. The ball of puky fear in my stomach returned while sitting in the waiting room. It stares you in the face when you take off “normal” in the office and put on the blue paper gown. But again, it’s all clear and I can breathe “normally” again.

Take nothing for granted – life is so precious and fragile. Treat each other with love.

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