I have had the opportunity to speak at two separate Ladies Spring Teas during April 2013. They were in different locations in southern Manitoba. And I am overwhelmed.
Both evenings were remarkable for different reasons.
The event at the beginning of April was at the church my parents help to start in Morris, Manitoba. I grew up there, was baptized there, got married there, ministered there, and then left the community. I hadn’t been back for a very, very long time. And yet, I was welcomed like a queen. I was absolutely thrilled and humbled at the same time. What a precious evening of seeing friends and family and reconnecting with my “old” life. The connections we make are timeless. Many of my friends hadn’t changed much at all. I came away with a new perspective. And they say you can’t go back… I don’t know who “they” are but I think I proved them wrong!
The second event was a few days ago in the tiny hamlet of New Bothwell. I lived 2 miles away for over 20 years and it blew me away that there were so many wonderful women so close to me and I had never met them. We moved away from here last summer and again, here I was, coming back. The remarkable thing about this evening was how many women came! I looked out over the church full of women and wasn’t sure if I would upchuck my supper. I took a deep breath and dove in. What else was I going to do???┬áIt went really really well, in my humble opinion, and I could tell by the expressions and response that women were blessed by my story of God’s faithfulness. It was pretty cool to see the organizers scrambling to set up more tables and chairs for the unexpected numbers of women. One woman told me they had never ever had so many women out for a Ladies Night Out. Yay! What an awesome problem to have!

The other remarkable thing is that I RAN OUT OF BOOKS!

Yes, you heard me.
This hasn’t happened to me before.

The reason it’s remarkable is because as I was packing up to speak at this event, I prayed and said to God – “I did my part in writing this book and here they sit on my shelf gathering dust. Could You please do what You can do and get these into the hands of the people who You think should be reading it?”

So I packed more books than I normally would take to a speaking engagement. I had just told my sister that I only take a few books because people come for the talk, not for the book. I usually take back most of the books I haul in and out of my car and it’s disappointing. So I packed a few extra in good faith.

And the end result was I UNDERESTIMATED GOD!
It’s such an overwhelming feeling to know you’ve been used by God. It’s hard to explain but you just know that you have impacted and hopefully encouraged the lives of others by what you’ve said or done in Jesus’ name.
Thank you, Lord for showing up at these events. I give you the praise and honour.

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  1. Marilyn on said:

    So great to hear and how gracious God is to bless us in spite of or because of our weakness.

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