Book update: Wow – I didn’t know…

In the past few months, I’ve been told by several people about how my book has impacted their lives or the lives of people they know. Not all of this is positive. And it’s knocked the legs out from under me. Tomorrow is Run for the Cure 2014 and I want to embrace this experience to the fullest. I want to celebrate how precious it is to be at this event AGAIN! In order to do this, I need to process on paper (yeah, I know, this isn’t paper) – which is how I do my processing the best. Kind of a cleansing before the communion – some of you will get this.

I’m going to explore the one story that has touched me the most. Someone told me about a woman who had read my book and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is no longer with us. I was told she had refused any treatment. She said she had read my book and decided she didn’t want to go through that and didn’t want to put her family through it. So I’m trying to figure this out. Do I carry that weight on my shoulders – is it mine to carry?

I don’t think so. This could be something to debate. My intention in writing the book was never, ever to have this happen. This hurts my heart and I wish for this woman’s family that she had not chosen this path.

I need to explain –
My intention in writing the book was to tell my story – unembellished and honest; It was from my perspective (with the addition of my mother’s and my daughter’s). It’s what I went through. BUT and that’s a very big BUT…I’M HERE. I’m doing life!
I wanted to encourage other people who were going through tough situations to hang in there, keep on fighting and with God, all things are possible.
Even if it means the alternative to living – you’ve done what you could humanly do and by faith, leave the rest to God.
So please, anyone who got that twisted message from reading my book. My humblest apologies. I don’t want to hear any other stories of this happening.

Tomorrow is our 6th Run for the Cure. I missed the 5th, last year, because we were celebrating my 5 year survivourship by crossing off a bucket list dream – visiting Italy and Greece and taking a Mediterranean cruise. Yay for doing Life! I’m planning to do the walk tomorrow with my head held high, probably with some tears and that’s okay, with my daughter who has walked the journey with me, a granddaughter who was born in the middle of my treatment year and my husband who has held my hand, cheered me on and is still walking beside me every day. There are other precious cheerleaders who I love and will be making up our team – Remission Accomplished. I’m so very happy to be here and I’ll be joining my fellow sister survivours in a sea of pink t-shirts. What a gift.

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