I met a man.

We just came back from a winter holiday. We went on a cruise. On this cruise, we chose anytime dining and we also chose to share a table with strangers. We’ve met so many wonderful people this way. It’s so interesting to find out about their lives and hear their stories.

So one evening during this cruise, we sat at a table with a lovely older couple from Seattle, Washington. We hit it off immediately and talked easily and comfortably. The man was 70 years old and retired. You could see the love that he had for his family and the enthusiasm he has for life. He told us that the most precious gift he has been given in this life is being a grandpa. His oldest grandson is 15 years old and still comes for sleepovers to spend time with his grandparents. Since retirement, he has been taking care of his younger grandchildren one day a week instead of them going to daycare. He loves being able to do that and it just showed in his eyes when he talked about it.

I had a hunch.
I told him a little bit about my story.
And the tears flowed as he shared with me that he had dealt with advanced prostate cancer 15 years ago. We discussed the struggles of surgeries and treatment. And we shared about the power of prayer and the blessing of life and how great our God is. He was a fellow Christian.
What a blessing and honour it was to sit with him and share our mutual joys and sorrows and the love and grace of our Lord and Saviour.
We sat at that table long after dessert had been served. We missed the evening show and didn’t care. It was a great evening. And we came away with an invitation to come stay with them anytime we are in Seattle!
As we left the table, I was wrapped in a huge bear hug – after he asked permission from my husband – and we just smiled at each other knowingly. It was a special evening.

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  1. Irma Friesen on said:

    Sherry do take the chance to be a guest in their home. When you meet someone like this they will be friends for life.
    We know we made friends with a wallet and enjoyed being in their home last year.

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