Gone to Hawaii

Well, not in person. I wish. But apparently my book went for a ride.
I saw my oncology surgeon for a check up this week. She informed me that she had taken my book on her flight to a conference in Hawaii last month. She said I had captured her interest immediately and she kept reading straight through to the end – the entire flight. It felt good to hear her affirm my book – not just the competency of my writing (because that isn’t what it was all about!). She said that it had great detail not only about treatments but what a person goes through mentally and emotionally. One of my goals in writing the book was to share what the real journey of a breast cancer patient looks like with medical professionals. This surgeon works closely with the Breast Health Centre at the St. Boniface Hospital. I’m so glad she read it and approved.
Also, when her assistant showed me to the examining room, she paused in the doorway and in a whispery voice, said, “I read your book.” That’s about when the tears started flowing as she shared with me, “Women dealing with breast cancer come to our office every day. Now I know what they are going through. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story so I have more insight in caring for them.” And we hugged.


By the way, the visit was good – all clear, no sign of recurrence. A good day 🙂

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