Something New…

Yes, I did something new today that I’ve never done before. I’ll admit it wasn’t something that I had ever thought I would want to do. But when a door opens, you walk through… and it was kind of fun.

I was invited to be interviewed for the taping of a TV show today. It’s a Christian show called “My New Day”. They feature stories of hope and inspiration. My book was sent to them by the publishing company and next month they are featuring stories of health and wellness. My book fits this category so I was asked to be a guest and tell my story.
The time flew by and was over too soon. There was so much more I wanted to say. I hope I said what I needed to. I won’t know until it airs and I have no control over how it is edited. So, not that I’m making excuses, but it’s out of my hands. And that’s not a bad thing because I can let it go and it’s okay.

Thank you, Bob and Audrey, for making me feel comfortable in front of the cameras and asking good questions about what makes my story worthy of telling it over and over. I think only God knows the answer to that one 🙂

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