Two Things to Tell You – Make that Three…

1) It’s so cool to know God has used you. And usually you “know” when it’s happened. I spoke at a church recently. It was a Ladies Spring Tea and the church basement was absolutely gorgeous with bright green tablecloths and creative lemon slices in a vase with a white flower for centrepieces. I had a nagging going on in my heart about my cancer story I was asked to share. Cancer just isn’t pretty. And there’s no way to tell my story without talking about cancer. It’s a dilemma. The women organizing the event asked if we could pray before the event started. It was just good to lay it out there and invite God to do His work instead of me trying to do it. So I told my story and just felt like it was flat – the jokes didn’t go over as well as they have other times and the expressions on the faces of the women were lack lustre. I felt defeated. Like maybe I should stop doing this. And then, after it was over, I knew why I was there. A young woman came over to talk to me and wanted me to sign her book – with a purple pen! She had brilliant pink tips on her short spiky hair and piercings galore but such a friendly face and a sparkle in her eyes. She asked if she could give me a hug. She kind of melted into my arms and I knew she had a story of her own. She told me her niece is fighting ovarian cancer and her brother lost his fight with his own cancer in the past year. She told me she had been very encouraged by my story and then she showed me on one of the pretty yellow napkins the notes she had made while I was speaking. Someone took notes of what I was saying! Pretty cool, eh? She said I had given her great ideas for how to encourage her niece and what she might be going through. She thanked me. And I was glad I had been obedient again and let God use me even if it was for this one woman.

2) So after speaking at this Ladies Spring Tea, I was relieved because I had no other speaking engagements on my agenda. I had done the TV interview with “My New Day” and I thought I was done. But I forgot it’s not actually my agenda. Someone bigger than me has been in control all along. I received an email a few days ago from a bigger TV show than the one I had just done the interview with. They are inviting me to possibly be on their show to tell my story and talk about my book. I’m working on the biographical form I need to fill out and send in. Should I do this? I’m considering it. Big decision… I’ll let you know.

3) Huge announcement in the media yesterday – CancerCare Manitoba is telling us that cancer patients no longer have to pay for their oral chemo drugs out of their own pocket. This is BIG! I’m on a chemo drug that I need to be on for a while yet and it’s a significant amount every month. When I started on the drug, the oncologist told me that some patients refuse the drug because it’s just too expensive and can’t afford it. I decided to take it as my insurance for warding off a recurrence as long as possible. It’s not fun but I know that it does its job and raises my percentage for being around here longer so I take it. I did a little dance when my pharmacist phoned to tell me about this news. Yay! Thank you to the people who made this happen.

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2 comments on “Two Things to Tell You – Make that Three…

  1. Marcy on said:

    Sherri, that is so cool that even though you thought it was an unresponsive audience, God was working.

  2. Pearl Friesen on said:

    Thanks for sharing Sherri. Always encouraging to hear you and read your blog. Keep it coming.

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