She saw me…

I was at work one day last week when someone came into my office to ask me something. It wasn’t what I expected. I was at work so it should be work-related, right? And the people I see in my office are usually asking about schedules, payroll, or client care questions. So when she looked at me and hesitantly asked me if I had been on TV lately it took me for a spin. I wasn’t sure if I should be answering this on company time. I threw the question back at her – “Why would you ask me?” She said she had seen someone that looked like me on TV while she was working at a client’s home. She hadn’t seen the whole program but it sounded like me. She hadn’t heard about any of my story so she had no idea. She seemed uncomfortable and shy about asking me about it so I fessed up and said that it was really me on TV and yes, I really had gone through breast cancer treatment. She couldn’t believe that I had gone through all that and was now working as her manager. I tried to explain to her that I am just a normal person and yes, I’ve gone through a huge experience but everybody has a story to tell. When she left the room, she patted me on the back and said she was so glad I was still here. These workers care for palliative people and know what cancer can do. She wasn’t saying this lightly and I appreciated it.

And that’s why I can’t sit in my house and let this story lie dormant gathering dust. That’s why I get up each morning and take on the day. God chose to keep me here for a reason, people. And that’s what keeps me going – knowing that I’ve got a purpose. And so do you. Every one of you. The same God who gave me the strength to fight and keep going is the same one who watches over you. He loves you and has a purpose for your life. It may be difficult to navigate and I know it isn’t easy to figure out the where and how and why but keep putting one foot in front of another and keep serving Him and loving others. Everyone has a story to tell. That means you.

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3 comments on “She saw me…

  1. Marcy on said:

    Sherri, You said it so well. We all do have a story to tell, share and live. God bless in your journey. I need to see those video clips. Do you have them online somewhere?

    • sherri on said:

      Hey Marcy – you can see it at Go to top where there is a link to watch or find the calendar or I think you can search.

  2. Marilyn |Wright on said:

    So glad the Lord continues to give moments to share the goodness of the Lord in your life. Be blessed.

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