I can’t believe it!

Remember that national writing contest I wrote about a long time ago? And then I found out I was one of the short listed authors? Well, I found out last night that I won an Award of Merit. What I mean to say is, “I CAME IN SECOND!” Sorry for yelling, but second is so incredibly okay for me. See, I’m not a writer. I’ve told you all along that I was just telling my story. But it’s so exciting to read what the judges had to say about my book and how I put it together and strung my words into sentences. They liked it 🙂 And now I’m getting a certificate (the award) to hang up on my wall and look at and tell me that I did okay. Very sweet affirmation.

So I’m celebrating here today by going for a bloodtest and dr.’s appointment and then, coffee with my sister. Yes, I know how to party!

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2 comments on “I can’t believe it!

  1. Marcy on said:

    Congratulations Sherri!! How very exciting to have your work affirmed this way. Obviously, you ARE a writer. LOL! Good work!

  2. Pearl Friesen on said:

    Congrats Sherri! Excited with you.

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