Run for the Cure 2012

Well, this year was a bit different than the previous ones. Here’s how:
– This year we ticked off the 5 year milestone walk – WOOHOO!!!
– I was featured in the Winnipeg Community Newspapers. I told my story briefly and why our family does this walk every year – and of course, shamelessly flogged my book 🙂
– This year our team was made up of friends more than family and that hurt my heart. I missed having my other children there with us.
– The venue was changed. It wasn’t bad just different.
– I managed to walk 3.5 km this year/. For some of you, this won’t impress you. For the ones who know how I struggle with the side effects of the chemo drug I’m still taking, and know that for the past two years I’ve only walked the 1 km and turned back…well, it’s an accomplishment. I’m feeling it now, but it was worth every step.
So that’s why this year was different. It was emotional for me again as I walked with my husband and my oldest daughter and granddaughter and the rest of the team. I’m so grateful for life! Tears are okay.

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