A Book Club Book?

My daughter living out in Alberta phoned today with some exciting news. One of her friends called her to ask if her mom had written a book. She let her know that yes, her mom wrote a book. This friend was standing in a book store beside a stack of books with my picture on it. We had been visiting our children in Alberta a few weeks ago and attended their church. This friend of hers had been sitting in our row and at the beginning of the service my daughter introduced us. Now she recognized my picture and had to call Jessica to confirm that the author of this book was her mother. There was also a sign on the table beside the books that said this was the book of the month for a local book club. How exciting! I would love to be a fly on the wall listening into the discussions at that book club! It’s so gratifying to know God is still using the book in places and with people I have no knowledge of. And sometimes it’s really nice to find out too.

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  1. so cool to think that others are discussing it in a book club!!

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