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Sherri Hildebrandt is new to the writing world. This is her first published work. She lives in peaceful Manitoba with her husband Ron. She is the mother of three great young adults, chosen mom to the wonderful spouses of her children, and grandmother of the five cutest and smartest little girls in the world. She is also known as “bonus mom” to other special young adults in her life.

In her past, Sherri was an Educational Assistant at various schools throughout Manitoba, focussing her career on Junior High Resource. In 2008, she decided to continue her education and is enjoying a career in Human Resource Management. She has attained her certified Human Resource Professional designation.

Sherri was a short-listed author in the Word Alive Press Publishing contest in 2010. Her book, More than Enough, won an Award of Merit in the Word Guild Writers Association in 2012.

Sherri is a breast cancer survivor of six years and counting…

2 comments on “About Sherri

  1. Sherri A. Hildebrandt on said:

    I just discovered your book today after a friend told me about it. She was doing a Google search on OUR name –! and was concerned about “my” battle with breast cancer. When she read that Sherri is new to the publishing world,” she knew she had the wrong Sherri Hildebrandt — because I’m a writer and editor and am definitely not new to writing! (Have been a journalist for 30+ years)

    It’s nice to know, though, that our name is showing up on a book that sounds really good, and important. Best wishes to you!

    • Sherri on said:

      Hi Sherri A. Hildebrandt – so nice to finally meet you 🙂 I’ve been mistaken for you before when someone has googled my name. Yes, I wrote a book. I’m glad you haven’t been through the cancer journey. If you’re interested in the book at all, you can order it on Amazon or right here on my website. Sounds like we have a few things in common!

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