“A well-documented personal account of the author’s journey with breast cancer. Newly diagnosed individuals with cancer will find this journal very helpful, both in terms of what to possibly expect and the importance/value of having your own team of support.”

Anne Plett, Regional Co-ordinator / South Eastman Health/Santé Sud-Est Inc. / Manitoba Breast & Women’s Cancer Network


“More than Enough has made me cry, and laugh, and grimace too. It is a powerful story, one that will impact and stick with a person. Sherri has done an excellent job of preserving in detail—and now sharing with us—her personal journey through a most challenging chapter of her life. The people, places, dates, and most of all, the stories, combine into a priceless collection of memories. I recommend this book be made available to the many people who have either themselves, or through someone they love, encountered the cancer ward.”

Betty Barkman, Author / Four Buds in His Bouquet, Laina and novel, Tangled Threads / Executive member of the Manitoba Christian Writers Association


“As I continue along with my own breast cancer journey, I find that I’ve learned the most from real stories told by real women. Even though we each have a unique adventure, there is something that binds us together in this sisterhood…it was a great read! I loved it.”

April Toews, Breast Cancer Survivor


“I read this book in one sitting. I laughed, I cried, I contemplated life and death. Sherri’s story is an honest one. It encouraged me in my faith in God and His goodness. Her journey has been such a difficult one, yet her courage has inspired me to truly trust God to be more than enough.”

Dorothy Schapansky, Reader


“I’ve read a lot of stories on surviving cancer, and this is the best I have ever encountered. Her ‘I’m a normal woman’ narrative style is extremely compelling and relatable. It’s emotional and empowering – and very hard to put down. The writing is achingly honest.”

Acquisitions Reviewer, Word Alive Press

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