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  1. Kathleen Harris on said:

    I was trying to find your book thru the library system but obviously it is not
    available there. I see it is available at Hulls, so hopefully if I can afford it, I
    will buy it there in the near future.
    I had breast cancer in 2000, but sailed thru everything with no problems, and
    have never had a problems since, PTL!! I have been thinking about writing a
    book about my experiences also (but that’s as far as it’s gone!) since I had a
    major challenge every month that year: April my father died, May I found a
    lump, June I had a mastectomy, July -Dec. was Chemo., Feb. & March were
    radiation, July my next brother had Hyrnia surgery, Sept-Oct. his wife was in
    hospital-bleeding in the brain, stroke, Dec. my youngest brother’s youngest
    daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia!! It is only by the grace of God, and
    the prayers of many people that we survived!
    May God continue to keep you in good health!
    Sincerely in Christ,
    Kathy Harris
    St. Vital 888-6836

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